Biological Products for Municipal, Food processing and Industrial waste water

    We have variety of bacterial waste water treatment products, specifically designed to enhance the biological treatment of domestic, food processing and industrial effluents. These products use only naturally occurring, non pathogenic bacteria, scientifically selected for their enhanced ability to produce enzymes and degrade wastes. Products are available in a variety of formats including concentrates, slow release tablets and ready to use liquid formulas.

    Since years, waste water treatments plants have relied on inherent microbes to degrade organic wastes. But the increased waste volume and greater complexity of waste have left many plants unable to meet today’s tougher restrictions on effluent quality.

    The solution lies in bioaugmentation, the process of adding select biological agents to a waste stream rather than relying solely on natural bacteria available in the system. Regular use of our wastewater products increases system’s ability to degrade wide range of wastes, resulting in greater efficiency, fewer problems and higher effluent.

    Benefits of use:

    • Reduction of BOD, COD,TSS 
    • Grease and sludge Reduction
    • Odour control
    • Reduced chemical and electricity needs
    • Degrades oil and other hydrocarbons, reduces TPH
    • Digests pesticides, herbicides, fungicides
    • Helps prevent bulking issues
    • Surcharges and fines eliminated         
    • Waste water treatment plants
    • Domestic and industrial waste water
    • Food processing facilities
    • Aerobic, anaerobic, or facultative lagoon
    • Lift station and sewer line maintenance
    • River, Lakes, Ponds
    • STP system start ups or recovery

    Septic Systems and Grease Traps

    We market and distribute a variety of products for septic systems, grease trap, drain lines and general odour control applications. All products are made with safe naturally occurring, non pathogenic bacteria. These products are available in different formats including effervescent tablets, concentrates, slow release tablets and ready to use liquid formulas.

    Septic Systems:

    The septic system treatment help keep systems free flowing. They digest grease and other compounds that may accumulate in drain lines, septic tanks and drain fields.

    Grease Trap:

    The grease trap treatment help reduce grease trap pumping and odours. They digest the fats, oils, and grease that otherwise accumulate.

    Drain Lines:

    The treatment help keep drain lines clean and flowing by degrading the grease and scum build up that can cause blockages and backups.

    • Grease reduction in traps and drains
    • Controls obnoxious odours
    • Reduces excessive septic and grease pumping
    • Prevents drain blockages
    • Reduce or eliminate surcharges
    • Lower BOD, COD,TSS
    • Septic tanks and drain fields/ cess pools
    • Grease Traps and Interceptors
    • Drain Lines

    Many odours are produced by bacteria as they degrade various organic compounds such as proteins, carbohydrates and starches. Many odor control products seek to mask these odors and some even try to neutralize them after they are formed but do not stop their production. Odour eliminator does much more than mask the odor, It actually digests and eliminates odor at its source. OE is a live blend of natural bacteria chosen for their ability to metabolize organic material into carbon dioxide and water. The product is available in liquid, slow release tablets, and effervescent tablets.

    Benefits of use:
    Controls strong odour

    Trash Cans and dumpsters
    Diaper pails
     Locker rooms
    Rest room and urinals
    Nursing homes
    Pet areas
    Cinema halls
    Cars/ boats
    Large closed public spaces


    Hydrocarbon degrading bacteria is a live synergistic blend of natural bacteria, specifically chosen for their accelerated ability to metabolize hydrocarbon products such as gasoline, oil. Diesel and Btex

    These organisms are natural bacteria, endemic to earth, not genetically engineered

    Non pathogenic – does not cause disease
    Non opportunistic – will not cause disease in a compromised host.

    Available in concentrated liquids and slow release tablets.

    • For use in soil, water, and flowing oil water separators
    • Degrades hydrocarbons into co2 and h2o
    • Digests hydrocarbons
    • Reduces TPH and BTEX
    • Degrades petroleum in soil and water
    • Eliminates waste
    • Safe, natural and biodegradable
    • Petrochemical industry
    • Automotive industry/ auto parts
    • Refinery
    • Petrol stations
    • Lubricants manufacterers

    An easy to use biological treatment for Bars, Restaurants, Rest rooms, Homes and offices. Degrades organic material in cracks, crevices and drain lines. Destroys the habitat that flies require for reproduction. Removes food source for other insects including cockroaches.

    • Compatible with all floor cleaners
    • Once a day treatment
    • Easy to use- Mop floor with SC tablet dissolved in a bucket of water.

    SprayFill a spray bottle with sc tablet dissolved water and spray on counters, floors, crevices and cracks.

    Benefits of use:
    Reduces plumbing costs
    Reduce grease trap maintenance and odor
    Reduce effluent BOD/COD/TSS
    Reduce grease build up
    Removes the menace of flies/ cockroaches

    Lakes, ponds, Canals in and around golf courses, home developments, businesses and industrial areas pose unique environmental problems that affect the aesthetic characteristics of the water in terms of visual and parameters. Continual nutrient run off from fertilizing, decaying plant material, sewage and septic tank contamination accumulates in these waters, causing algae blooms, blue green algae and foul odours further causing Eutriphication
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